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Berényi Fogadó (Berényi Inn) was opened in 2001 by highway number 7 in Nagyrécse. It is 900 meters (1 minute) from the M7 motorway. The inn is situated 5 km from Nagykanizsa, 10 km from Zalakaros, and 30 km away from Letenye.

What do we offer you?

  • comfortable accommodation
  • 24/7 restaurant with friendly staff
  • self-service restaurant during daytime
  • events/conference room for 300 people
  • confectionery, where we can prepare the cakes
  • horse riding possibilities
  • ideal environment (whether it is for your wedding, or for a pleasant nighttime relaxation)
  • rustic ice-cream booth
  • family friendly environment
  • car-wash
  • semi-trailer park

All of these in one place!!!

Berényi Fogadó térkép

Address: Hungary, 8756 Nagyrécse, Táncsics M. út 48.
Opening hours: 24/7, 365 days a year
GPS: 46°28′50.664″N, 17°3′40.896″E On-line maps, Google map