Our bed & breakfast

Berényi Inn consists of pension, 24/7 restaurant offering regional and Hungarian cuisine, self-service restaurant and a horse farm.

Our inn has 28 comfortable rooms with separate bathroom, toilet and TV (also mini-bar in 10 of the rooms), which offer quiet, peaceful relaxation and accommodation for 73 people.

There are truck and car parking lots for 30 trucks and 50 cars available for guests.


Accommodation Price
for 1 person 9,000 Ft/night
for 2 people
13,500 Ft/night
for 3 people 18,500 Ft/night
for 4 people
25,000 Ft/night
between the ages of 0-5 1,500 Ft/night (if no extra bed is required, excl breakfast)
2,000 Ft/night

Our prices contain the cost of breakfast, which is served for our guests in our restaurant in cold or warm variations by our serving-staff.

We accept credit and debit cards!